Cupuacu Finishing Oil


This light body oil is the perfect final step in your body care routine! It's saturated with ylang ylang and sweet orange to foster happiness + love, and we've melted actual sal and cupuacu butters right into the oils to help lock in moisture and the healing benefits of the essential oils.


Apply a light amount to clean skin as a body treatment. This is a powerful aromatherapy body treatment and should not be used around the eyes or on the face.

Cupuacu Finishing Oil is the elegant final step in your daily body care routine.

We melted virgin cupuacu and sal butters right into the oil to help lock in moisture, then saturated the mix with the uplifting bouquet of ylang ylang, sweet orange and cedar wood essential oils for an aromatherapy body treatment to facilitate joy and open-hearted affection.

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Key active
* Sal + cupuacu butterslock in hydration

* Ylang ylang + orangeuplifts

* Cedarwoodinspires calm

* Lightweight hazelnut oilssoften

* Preservative-free formulaprotects skin's biome

Cupuacu finishing oil: hazelnut oil; organic and cold-pressed (CP) argan oil; organic, CP safflower oil; organic, CP chia seed oil; squalane oil (from olives); cold pressed avocado oil; cold pressed sal butter; cold pressed cupuacu butter; organic, CP rice bran oil; organic sweet orange oil; organic ylang ylang oil; patchouli oil; cedar wood oil; non-GMO tocotrienols (vitamin E), organic rosemary CO2 extract

What People are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love it!

I think my skin loves it too!

Dana Schmidt

This is my favorite thing after the shower - it's thick and absorbs in well. The. Best.

Jane Freeman

This oil has a soft floral note which I love! I feel like I’m in my garden when I have it in! It sure will be uplifting this winter! This is a definite keeper!!

Jo W
Love It!

I absolutely love this oil! The scent is great and my skin feels soft and moisturized until the end of the day.

Erin S.

I use the finishing oils after I shower. They smell amazing and my skin stays moisturized, even in the winter!