Frankincense Facial Cleansing Oil

This facial cleansing oil (or Untroubled Cleansing Oil, if you have oily skin) is the centerpiece of our probiotic-restorative skincare system. It is a DEEP cleanser, yet it is so gentle you can use it day and night, and it leaves your skin's natural probiotic balance in place so it can continue to do its good work.

Step ONE:Dispense two to three pumps onto your fingertips, then work it gently onto your skin using small circles. As you massage the cleanser into your skin, any dirt, sebum, makeup and sunscreen will cling to the cleansing oils.

Step TWO:Moisten the cotton muslin cloth that came with your cleanser, and gently swipe it across your skin. As you remove the cleansing oils, all those undesirable elements will be removed along with it, leaving skin perfectly clean (yes, really!) and hydrated, with its natural protective biome in place.

* Gently yet thoroughly lifts away pollution, oil, sunscreen and makeup.

* Surfactant-free formula leaves skin hydrated and completely clean but never dried out -- this is a new, empowering kind of clean!!

* Preservative-free formula supports skin's microbiome and barrier function

There is a whole world on your skin.

Since the completion of the Human Microbiome Project, it has become clear that each of us is a complex mix of microbes and human cells.

We now know that optimal skin conditions depends heavily on symbiotic relationships with the microbes living on and in it.

Skin microbes produce Hyaluronic Acid and other moisturising factors, modulate barrier function and immune response, maintain the skin’s pH, and help to shape the skin ecology by producing anti-microbial peptides.

Calm, healthy skin not only looks better but also ages slower than skin that is chronically in low-level inflammation. Is it right for you?Frankincense cleansing oil is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin do very well with our Untroubled Cleansing Oil -- it has antimicrobials and is designed to wash away more excess oils.

Reduce packaging options: For repeat purchases, select "refill only" at checkout. We'll still send you a new muslin cloth, but we'll skip the box, and you can reuse your pump!

When your refill arrives, unscrew the top and place it on a stable surface. Then unscrew the pump from your empty bottle, and directly place it into your bottle of new product. Try to not put the pump down anywhere once you unscrew it, and don't get it wet; just move it directly from your empty bottle to your fresh one, screw it on securely, and you're all set!! 

Key actives

Organic argan oils softens texture

Frankincense essential oils smooths fine lines and creates radiance

Organic golden jojoba oils protect and strengthen barrier function for incredibly hydrated and balanced skin

Organic, cold-pressed argan oil; organic, cold-processed safflower oil; organic, cold-pressed golden jojoba oil ; squalane oil (from olives); cold-pressed avocado oil; organic sea buckthorn oil critical extraction; boswellia carter (frankincense) oil; non-GMO tocotrienols; organic rosemary oil critical extraction

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Frankincense Cleansing Oil is a wonderful product. I love the clean ingredients and the way it keeps my skin feeling healthy.

-- Everyone loves Gerda, and Gerda loves our Frankincense Oil Cleanser!

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Shawna Karjala
Frankincense Oil Cleanser!

Love this product! My skin is so soft and clear. Linda is very generous to her customers.

Ansley Gwin

So wonderful! My face has never been clearer and softer.

Tahnya Porter

Frankincense Facial Cleansing Oil

Jacqueline Cebrian
Part of my night routine

I love the smell of this. I don't wear much makeup, so its mostly just tasked with taking off the grime of the day. It comes with it's own muslin cloth. It makes my skin feel soft and clean.

Kristen Downs
Frankincense Facial Cleansing Oil

I absolutely love it!!