Your Skin Adores You. It Always Has

We have accepted as truth an old and troublesome story about how to care for our skn. Since the advent of marketing, we have been told that our own natural skin can't handle the hazards of the world.  That it kind of needs to be micromanaged. And that to have clean and healthy skin we needed to scrub and lather up and purge deeply. 


And yet. The squeaky cleans are actually skin that’s been stripped completely of oils. Even the gentlest foaming cleansers jack up skin’s pH and destroy the lipid barrier, causing dehydrated, sagging skin. Those scrubs? They make micro tears in your skin, which then form gateways for bacteria. (Yes. Yes they do.)


The thing is, none of it has ever been necessary. 


Our skin hosts a wide range of beneficial flora, which protects it from pathogens, regulates inflammation, and creates radiance. It also has a slightly acidic pH and an extraordinary, protective lipid barrier to keep it beautifully moisturized and plump. Unfortunately, all these ways our skin keeps itself hydrated, exfoliated, and vibrant are degraded daily in the name of Being Clean. 


Skin does get out of whack sometimes, it’s true, but the solution is probably not what one would think; studies show that congested, acne-prone skin is particularly likely to have a compromised lipid barrier, and that restoring that barrier is key to improving skin health. Proving that when skin gets out of balance, it needs support and redirection — not a takedown! — to refocus its energies for your highest good.


We at SkinFood Organics invite you to leave behind the old ideas of astringency. Of scrubbing and purging and some weird, zero-sum game where we actually harm ourselves in the name of subduing something — dirt - that was never too difficult to work with, and in the process undermining so much that is symbiotic and intelligent about our skin and the friendly microflora that want nothing more than to help us out.   

Enter, SkinFood Organics! Our probiotic-restorative cleansing system partners with the wisdom of your skin. It is an innovative approach to cleansing and nourishing skin while supporting its ability to self regulate.


How it works: 

When our Cleansing Oils or Washing Butters are massaged into the skin, they bind with surface impurities such as dirt, makeup and sebum. As the cleanser is wiped away, the troublesome elements go along with it, leaving skin truly clean (yes, really!), pH balanced, and hydrated, with its natural probiotics in place.


Your skin has what it takes! Take this small leap of faith with us. Step into the integrity and joy that comes from trusting that, like most things, the solution has been with you — has  simply BEEN you — all along.

At SkinFood Organics, we are committed to your skin's well being and vibrancy. Your skin already loves you -- we want to help you love it back!

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