This is our spiciest of our Aromatherapy Body Treatments, and it's fully saturated with thyme, organic sweet orange, and spicy lemongrass. 


We start with fair-trade frankincense tears to tap into their robust stores of boswellic acids, then carefully infuse them into organic, antioxidant-rich oils and creamy beeswax to boost hydration and essential oil benefits. 


This serum is preservative free to safeguard your skin's pH and protective probiotic balance.

Sadhu Body Silk ™

Full or Travel Size
Reduced Packaging Options
  • Apply Sadhu Body Silk ™  as an aromatherapy massage or daily body treatment. Avoid face and eyes. 

At SkinFood Organics, we are committed to your skin's well being and vibrancy. Your skin already loves you -- we want to help you love it back!

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