This is a new project we are developing in Whitefish, Montana and is for pickup only. 


Because we really REALLY care about single-use plastics, we are experimenting in zero-waste house cleaning for locals who can pick up product. 


If you are tired of washing with vinegar (which still comes in big plastic jugs, let's be honest) or throwing away plastic spray bottles, then please join us in this experiment to find a better way.


Our counter spray is similar to that of Mrs. Meyers but without plastic bottles and without so many chemicals -- we use almost entirely Ecocert-approved and green ingredients. We also only use sustainable essential oils for scent.  You can choose from two counter sprays to begin -- either spicy citrus or uplifting florals; if there's enough demand we'll add other blends.  



The most awesome part? You purchase the amber glass spray bottle once for $5, and then you can bring it in and pick up a new one and you just pay the refill price of $5.50. There's no waste!! So, your first purchase is $10.50, but after that, it's just $5.50. We will wash and reuse your spray bottle for the next person's purchase. You're not throwing away a single thing. (Phew!! Doesn't that feel good?!)


We know that it's just a tiny step toward a giant problem, but it is making us pretty happy to put this program out there in the world. We hope you'll join us!! 




Zero Waste Counter Spray

Amber Glass Spray Bottle, 16 oz.
Essential Oil Blend
  • Sorry, these can't be added to an order that will be shipped; it's pickup only. They will be ready for pickup in Whitefish on Friday, January 24.  Yay!! 

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