Go Toos Travel Kits
Go Toos Travel Kits
Go Toos Travel Kits

Go Toos Travel Kits

A beautifully curated sampling of best sellers from our Probiotic-Restorative Skincare Collection. This set includes 0.5 oz each of Frankincense Cleansing Oil, Face Plants Serum, and Salvation Face Balm, a cotton muslin cleansing cloth, and a discussion pamphlet. They are the perfect traveling companions! 
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For Frankincense Cleansing Oil: Use your fingertips to massage gently into face and neck, then moisten the enclosed muslin cloth and gently swipe across your skin. The cleansing oils will loosen and lift away makeup and impurities, leaving skin truly clean and perfectly balanced, with its natural, protective biome intact.

For Face Plants Vitamin Serum: Apply to clean skin as needed

For Salvation Facial Balm: Using fingertips, press gently into skin as needed.  

We took everyone's go-to products and made them small so they go, too!

This travel kit contains the perfect blend of cleanser, serum and balm to clean and fortify while restoring your a probiotic balance -- it's a great way to gift your favorites or to bring them with you wherever you may travel.

Products are packaged in eco-friendly and refillable amber glass presented in an organza bag.

Each Go Toos Travel Kit contains: 

0.5 oz Frankincense Cleansing oil
0.5 oz Face Plants Facial Serum
0.5 oz Salvation Facial Balm
cotton muslin cloth
a discussion pamphlet

Go Toos are perfect for backpacking! You can completely cleanse your face with barely a tablespoon of water, plus you'll have a healthy serum and balm to treat your skin after long days outdoors.

Key actives

* Frankincense essential oils smooths fine lines and creates radiance
* Organic marula plumps and softens within seconds
* Rose Geranium firms the appearance of loose skin
* Rose oils soothe redness and irritation    

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"These products are a game changer!! And this travel kit make it easy to take my favorite skin care products wherever I go. Whether I'm flying with a carry on or traveling for weekend kids' activities, I love having my favorites with me! And the fact that these little containers never leak is just icing on the cake.

I've also found that they make for the perfect gift. The included muslin cloth has made this set an easy and affordable way to introduce my family and friends to my favorite skincare!! It's been fun seeing how happy other women are with their skin after using these products."

- Christina Treweiller lives in Whitefish, Montana, with her husband, three children, one cat, several dogs, some chickens, and a duck

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