Reishi Luma Facial Cream

This youth-preserving daily facial treatment supports the skin barrier as it plumps and hydrates skin for softness in seconds and results that last for hours! Consistently. Like crazy.


After cleansing, warm a pea-sized amount between your fingertips, then press gently into the skin of your face, neck and decollete.

If you are using this with BOOST Camp, apply By the C or Night Light first, allow that serum to rest on your skin for 2-5 minutes, then apply Reishi Luma. 

This youth-preserving mega hydrator plumps, calms and soothes to give you soft, supple and bright skin.

Natural PREbiotics nourish your skin's protective probiotic balance for a vibrant glow that is lit from within.

Is it right for you?Reishi Luma is transformative for those with normal to dry skin. Although those with oily skin may find it's application unnecessary, it is important also to remember that oily or troubled skin can often also be dehydrated -- there's a difference between skin's oil content, which can congest, and the water content, which hydrates!

If you have oily skin that is also dry, Reishi Luma may serve you very well. Its probiotics are calming, and it hydrates not with oils but almost entirely via botanical extracts that support the skin's natural protective barrier.


* Hyaluronic acids provide infinite hydration and calm

* Sake extracts brighten

* Reishi mushrooms protect your complexion by soothing signs of stress

* Silymarin (milk thistle extract) targets dry, flaky skin

* Chicory PREbiotics nurture skin's protective biome

Hyaluronic acid serum; sea kelp bioferment; squalane oil; cetearyl alcohol (Ecocert); non-GMO vegetable glycerin; cetearyl glucoside (Ecocert); silymarin extract; organic virgin pomegranate oil; cetyl alcohol (Ecocert); propanediol 1-3 (Ecocert); isoamyl laurate (Ecocert); organic argan oil; organic kokum butter; reishi fruiting body extract; inulin and fructose (prebiotics); organic rice bran oil; tocotrienols (vitamin e); benzyl alcohol; salicylic acid; sorbic acid; and the essential oils of frankincense (boswellia carterii), sandalwood (santalum paniculatum), lavender (lavandula angustifolia), myrrh (commiphora myrrha), helichrysum (helichrysum italicum), and rose (rosa damascena); organic rosemary CO2 extract

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"I love Reishi Luma. It’s the best nighttime moisturizer I’ve ever used. It’s substantial but not heavy and melts right into my skin. It’s super hydrating, so when i wake up in the morning my skin is refreshed and glowing. I’m obsessed."

-Jodi Petlin is a transformational life coach and the founder of Shanti Yoga in Whitefish, Montana

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Casey Cronin
Just what my skin needed!

I was diagnosed with rosacea several years ago. I tried everything my dermatologist recommended to help nourish my skin and not cause a flare up. Everything I used left my skin feeling dry and simply blah. My sister-in-law knew of my rosacea and skin care challenges. She sent me a sample of Skinfood Organics. I couldn't be happier with the result. My skin feels amazing. It is so well hydrated, firm and soft. It is honestley glowing. Linda has been a wealth of knowledge and support in helping me find the best skin care routine. I highly reccommend the Reishi Luma Facial Cream along with all of the products Skinfood Organics has to offer.

Tahnya Porter

Love it

Erin Woods

Reishi Luma Facial Cream

Colleen Okon
Best moisturizing cream ever!

Love it! It’s rich without leaving my face oily. It absorbs nicely, while still keeping the skin soft and hydrated.

so so so so good

I've never used anything like Reishi Luma. I apply it and my face feels instantly better, and when I wake up in the morning, it STILL feels better -- softer, and so much less dry. Total game changer.