Sadhu Body Silk
Sadhu Body Silk
Sadhu Body Silk
Sadhu Body Silk

Sadhu Body Silk

We start with fair-trade frankincense tears for their robust stores of boswellic acids, then carefully infuse them into organic, antioxidant-rich oils and creamy beeswax to boost hydration and essential oil benefits. 

Sadhu Aromatherapy Body Silk is saturated with thyme, organic sweet orange, and spicy lemongrass, then blended with organic Montana camelina oil, abyssinian oil and creamy beeswax for a decadent body treatment formulated to enhance gratitude and joy. 
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Face Plants softens skin in seconds for a smoother look that lasts all day. It is preservative free to protect your skin's natural protective biome

Face Plants is the perfect second step! Apply to face and decollate after washing with our of our probiotic-restorative cleansing oils.

Key actives

* Organic chia hydrates without clogging pores
* Organic marula plumps and softens within seconds
* Sea buckthorn fruit CO2 minimizes redness and aids repair
* Rose Geranium firms the appearance of loose skin   

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      "Immediately after applying Face Plants, my skin is instantly soft and supple (but never oily!), and the essential oil blend is amazing — I feel like it is healing my skin.

      After two years of using this serum, I have fewer wrinkles (even after lots of time in the tropical sunshine), and my skin is naturally nourished and healthy.  It's better than any moisturizer I've ever used!!"

-- Rachel has recently returned to the US after several years working and living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Although a citizen of the world, she currently teaches yoga on the Florida Panhandle, where she lives with her husband and her island dog, Bosun.

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Customer Reviews

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kendall dann
Amazing Products

I have very dry, sensitive skin. I have been using these products and not only is it safe for my skin, my skin feels better than ever.

Jane Freeman
Awesome fragrance!

I can’t tell you what it smells like other than earthy. I feel like Mother Nature! Ha! It has a real deep smell and my husband likes it too. We use it on our necks and flabby upper arms and I definitely see a difference. Obviously I wasn’t taking care of my skin but it responded quickly to this and all the body oils from Skin Food. My skin was starving for this nourishment!! Janie

Yolanda A
smooth as silk

Delicious body-loving combination of oils and ingredients! The aromatherapy is subtle, just right, not too strong but it permeates and delights. Skin absorbs it quickly and thoroughly and is 'content' ... no more itch and other dryness issues. Soft as silk. Love it!

Jessy Lee
Oh, my!

I just received this product and am using it on my pregnant and stretching belly. It's absolutely delicious and makes my tummy feel so soft and supple. Thanks for taking care of people's skin, Linda and team!

Rachel Haskovec
Best moisturizer!

I use Sadhu Body Silk post shower, while still wet & then blot dry. It keeps my skin moisturized for over 24 hrs! I feel soft & silky, even in a harsh winter climate! It’s the best product I’ve ever used!

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