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Press one to two pumps gently into cleansed skin as needed.

You can also mix half a pump in with your liquid foundation before applying to prevent foundation from settling into and enhancing fine lines.

If used in conjunction with BOOST Camp, apply this serum after your AM or PM BOOST, and before applying sunscreen.  

Face Plants softens skin in seconds for a smoother look that lasts all day. It is preservative free to protect your skin's natural protective biome

Is it right for you?Face Plants is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. Although designed to be non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, it is probably an unnecessary step for those with oily skin, particularly those using one of our oil cleansers.

Reduce packaging options:For repeat purchases, select "refill only" at checkout. We'll skip the box, and you can reuse your pump!

When your refill arrives, unscrew the top and place it on a stable surface. Then unscrew the pump from your empty bottle, and directly place it into your bottle of new product. Try to not put the pump down anywhere once you unscrew it, and don't get it wet; just move it directly from your empty bottle to your fresh one, screw it on securely, and you're all set!! 


Organic chia hydrates without clogging pores
Organic marula plumps and softens within seconds
Sea buckthorn fruit CO2 minimizes redness and aids repair
Rose Geranium firms the appearance of loose skin 

Organic, cold-processed chia seed oil; organic, cold-processed argan oil; organic, cold-processed marula oil; squalane oil (from olives); organic fractionated coconut oil; organic sea buckthorn critical extract; essential oils of organic lavender, frankincense, patchouli, and rose geranium; non-GMO tocotrienols (vitamin E); organic rosemary critical extract

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"Immediately after applying Face Plants, my skin is instantly soft and supple (but never oily!), and the essential oil blend is amazing — I feel like it is healing my skin.      After two years of using this serum, I have fewer wrinkles (even after lots of time in the tropical sunshine), and my skin is naturally nourished and healthy.  It's better than any moisturizer I've ever used!!"

-- Rachel has recently returned to the US after several years working and living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Although a citizen of the world, she currently teaches yoga on the Florida Panhandle, where she lives with her husband and her island dog, Bosun.

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