Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil
Untroubled Cleansing Oil

Untroubled Cleansing Oil

An herbal, oil-to-milk cleanser loaded with critical extracts to restore balance to oily or pimple-prone skin.
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Step ONE: Dispense two to three pumps onto your fingertips, then work it gently onto your skin using small circles. As you massage the cleanser into your skin, any dirt, sebum, makeup and sunscreen will cling to the cleansing oils.

Step TWO: Dab your skin with a little water to create a light cleansing milk.

Step THREE: Splash with water. Most of the product will rinse clean. For extra measure, moisten the cotton muslin cloth that came with your cleanser, and gently swipe it across your skin.

Step FOUR: Rejoice!! Skin is left cleansed and balanced, with its natural, protective biome in place.

* Gently yet thoroughly lifts away excess oils, pollution, oil, sunscreen and makeup.

* Surfactant-free formula leaves skin hydrated and completely clean but never dried out -- this is a new, empowering kind of clean!!

* Preservative-free formula supports skin's microbiome and barrier function and strengthens resistance to harmful bacteria

Is it right for you? Untroubled cleansing oil is amazing for those with oily or acne prone skin, and it's especially great for teens and tweens.

If you're experiencing more than a few places of deep, cystic acne, then you may need either a second-step toner or this product might not be perfect for you. Please give us a call if you have ANY questions -- we'd love to help direct you to a process that would serve you best.

At the source of all skin problems, there is a clogged pore, packed with sebum, dead skin cells, dirt, sunscreen, etc.

SOAP FREE and pH PROTECTIVE — You know that squeaky-clean feeling? That’s your skin being stripped of oils and probiotics. Soap and even the gentlest forming cleansers are too alkaline; they create tiny cracks skin’s natural protective barrier, which dehydrates skin and allows for the introduction of troublesome bacteria. But this herbal, oil-to-milk cleanser is soap free and pH neutral, leaving skin clean, fortified and in balance.

DESIGNED FOR KIDS, TOO: Untroubled works for all ages, and is great for teens and tweens who were struggling with the beginnings of hormonal breakouts and overzealous oil production. It keeps them from going down a path of using harsher and more damaging products.

PROBIOTIC-RESTORATIVE FORMULA: Our skin hosts a wide range of beneficial flora, which protects it from harmful bacteria and regulates inflammation. Yet soaps and even the gentlest foaming cleaners can disrupt this fragile balance, leaving skin irritated and vulnerable to pimples and congestion. Untroubled Facial Cleanser partners with the wisdom of your skin, for a balanced and supremely effective approach.

If you have questions, please call or text (406 871 8334), OR send us an email (info@skinfoodorganics.com). We'd love to discuss your skin concerns and make a recommendation on how you can best transition to our oil-cleansing method.

Each bottle contains 0.5 oz / 15 ml bottles 

Key actives

* Organic supercritical extracts of hops and sage help combat harmful bacteria
* Cold-pressed black cumin seed oils dissolves sebum from deep within the hair follicle
* Acai sterols support barrier formation and boost hydration; they can hold double their weight in water. This is important because, paradoxically oily skin is often also dehydrated.
*Organic Chamomile supercritical extracts sooth inflammation 

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"I've tried lots of other products, which were just too harsh and caused more flare ups.

With Untroubled, I went from small bumps and mild acne to clear -- and I've stayed clear.

It's great that it doesn't dry out my skin, either. I love this stuff!!" 

- Sienna is a student in Northern Virginia

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Customer Reviews

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Dane Intagliata

This oil is incredibly effective. I am 23 weeks pregnant and started to get some chest acne from all the hormones and after 2 treatments of the cleansing oil o was completely cleared up. Love you

great for oily skin

I use the frankincense cleanser everywhere, but then I use this on the blackheads around my nose and forehead a few times a week and this combination of the two cleansers keeps my skin perfect! It makes sense that one part of my skin would need more attention than another, i just never thought of it before but I feel like since using Skinfood I am more in tune with my skin and what it needs. I love it!

Ellery Luikens
Another absolute winner

I have found yet another Skin Food product that I absolutely cannot live without. It leaves my skin so clean, but not stripped. A perfect balanced cleansing oil for the summer.

Sam Carter
So helpful!!

This is a little miracle for my daughter, and then we supplement with the toner linda made us when her pimples are more persistent.

I’m so happy to have this natural way to keep her pimples at bay. We tell everyone about it!!

Tia Upchurch-Freelove

Untroubled Cleansing Oil