Daily Body Oil
Daily Body Oil

Daily Body Oil


This is a lightweight blend perfect for everyday use and is especially wonderful in the winter, when a cream or lotion is just  too cold to apply.

It is made with organic coconut and organic cherry kernel oil -- two lightweight, sustainable oils loaded with essentials to heal and protect dry skin. It has a subtle blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and bitter orange. Perfect for use just after a shower or bath, or to apply whenever your skin or your mind needs a lift. 

This is a limited release product. It comes in an amber glass bottle with a lotion pump. 

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Massage into cleansed skin as needed. For the best hydration, apply within two minutes of a shower or bath.

Body of Water contains chicory prebiotics to support your skin's natural protective biome

Is it right for you? Body of Water is perfect for sll skin types.

Face Plants is the perfect second step! Apply to face and decollate after washing with our of our probiotic-restorative cleansing oils.

Key actives

*Reishi extract nurtures and sooths
* Hyaluronic acids plump and hydrate
* Rosemary extract tones and strengthens

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      "Immediately after applying Face Plants, my skin is instantly soft and supple (but never oily!), and the essential oil blend is amazing — I feel like it is healing my skin.

      After two years of using this serum, I have fewer wrinkles (even after lots of time in the tropical sunshine), and my skin is naturally nourished and healthy.  It's better than any moisturizer I've ever used!!"

-- Rachel has recently returned to the US after several years working and living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Although a citizen of the world, she currently teaches yoga on the Florida Panhandle, where she lives with her husband and her island dog, Bosun.

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Love Love Love!

Feels great on the skin! I use it every day! Thank you!


I really love how soft my skin is when I use it. It doesn't leave it oily. It also has a very subtle scent so to put my perfume over it isn't overwhelming!